RESTORE Intellectual Outputs: The Toolbox

Building a restorative culture in school is a beautiful, but intensive process. Although many pathways are possible, some steps cannot be ignored. This generic model explains why schools should aim to become (more) restorative, how they can do this (guidelines) and what specific actions they can undertake towards the different stakeholders. It is a user-friendly and interactive powerpoint that gives schools the opportunity to pick and take what they find useful in their context on the one hand, and allows them to add new insights and practices on the other. This way schools can continue to build their own tool for future use. This tool is the result of a collaboration between Ligand (Belgium), IIRP (UK), Mairie de Lille (France), CRESM (Italy), Le Souffle (Belgium), Cluj IDA (Romania) and EKC (The Netherlands).

RESTORE Toolbox Previews (PDF):